AMR specialise in magnetic separation efficiency analysis for the food industry worldwide, alongside offering metal fragment control and magnetic separator specification.

Internationally HACCP endorsed for its services, Active Magnetics Research Pty Ltd can offer:

  • HACCP endorsed magnet testing / validations.
  • Risk analysis / assessment associated with metal fragment control.
  • Source analysis in raw materials, ingredients and final products and metal detector rejections.
  • Calibration of gauss metres and test magnets traceable to a NATA accredited laboratory.
  • Supply of calibrated test magnets and verification kits for the purpose of laboratory and ingredient product testing, gauss meter accuracy and calibration.
  • R&D magnetic separator design and devices to prototype stage.

In addition to the magnet validation strength check service available from AMR, standard magnets and gauss metres are also available for hire or purchase.

PLEASE CONTACT US should you wish to enquire about our endorsed testing services, or if you require further information on any of the above mentioned services. We look forward to hearing from you.

AMR Services